Försti Diver Limited Edition

Leijona Heritage 1907

Försti Diver Limited Edition

Försti Diver

Leijona Heritage 1907

Försti Diver




Försti Diver watches are inspired by the distinctive Leijona diver’s quartz watch from the 70s and 80s. To support the design process, we found an original model of the watch that was in great condition and used it as a part designing the model. This Leijona watch, that was found to be used as a design tool, was found intact in the sea in the early 90s, when its current owner found it while on a dive.

The watch which inspired the Försti also happens to be almost identical to Grandmaster Kari Voutilainen's first watch (Leijona), which is a black-dialed Leijona diver's watch with a rubber strap and a red-tinted bezel.


Singular design

Försti Diver is a sporty diver’s watch designed with uniqueness at its heart. The design of the Försti Diver wristwatch also made history, as it is the first diver’s watch in which Grandmaster Kari Voutilainen and his studio have been closely involved. The design process of the Försti Diver dive watch from the Voutilainen x Leijona collaboration is a particular success, as the finished model is a harmonious and dazzling whole with just the right level of comfort – while never compromising the usual characteristics of a dive watch, such as strength or water resistance.



The honest and unyielding nature of the Finns is reflected in the high quality of the watch’s unique details. Each Försti Diver watch goes through several stages of handcrafting before making its way to Finland from the Val-de-Travers watch valley, located in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland.

The production of watch dials, for example, involves several production steps that emphasise the importance of flawless craftsmanship and professionalism. All dials of the Försti Diver watches are therefore produced by a company called Comblémine SA, owned by the Swiss grandmaster Kari Voutilainen and renowned for their quality. The resulting surfaces, colours and details are a delight to behold up close. The hand-painted luminaries complete the overall look.



Försti Diver models have steel cases and are manufactured to the highest quality by the skilled staff at Voutilainen & Cattin SA. After careful design work and rough machining, each watch case is polished and finished by hand at the Voutilainen & Cattin SA factory. The factory uses consistent top-quality steel.

The one-piece case is finished with special attention to the finish of the surfaces, durability, and wear resistance. The finishes on the case are designed to be reworked to near-new condition later in their life cycle.

For the ones, who value time.

Voutilainen x Leijona

"When I do things that are important to me, time becomes meaningless. I don't count the hours. The value of time is the moment it stands in, and for me, that value is immeasurable. At that moment, time is completely in my own hands and I use it exactly as I see fit.

Using a watch only to measure the hours is a very linear way of thinking about time. Personally, I see the watch as a reminder that time is limited and that I should spend it on things that are important to me. Time is my personal property and I invest it exactly as I feel right."

The Voutilainen x Leijona partnership encourages you to seize the moment, be present in the moment and enjoy life's small pleasures and achievements.

- Kari Voutilainen

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