Scandinavian modernism and the vintage Leijona watch faces from the 1950s inspired the Leijona Oiva Classic. The design aesthetics that have stood the test of time make this timepiece the essential addition to any occasion, whether formal or casual.

The Leijona Oiva Classic models have 39 mm cases in stainless steel, lugs of 20 mm and dials in white, black or blue, and have screw down casebacks. Watches come with brown, black or tan alligator leather straps.

Voutilainen x Leijona Oiva Classic Graphite Black wrist watch, black dial with black leather strap.

Leijona Heritage 1907

Oiva Classic Graphite Black

Oiva Classic White

Leijona Heritage 1907

Oiva Classic White




The Leijona Oiva Classic was inspired by Scandinavian modernism and the Leijona watches of the 1950s.

The design concept for the Classic model is inspired by the collaboration between Leijona watches, Grandmaster Kari Voutilainen and the village of Môtiers. Môtiers, located in the famous Val-de-Travers valley, is also the source of the watches in the collection.

Thanks to its timeless design aesthetic, the Oiva watch fits any occasion like a true dress watch. Suitable for any occasion, the Oiva Classic is a wristwatch with clean and timeless design, and gold-coloured details on the dial adding a touch of luxury to an otherwise discreet whole.

With respect to craftsmanship


The dial of the Oiva Classic is handcrafted in Switzerland and features contrasting colours that dance beautifully with the light, making the watch easy to read.



The clean lines of the model are also reflected in the all-steel case, which has the classic Leijona watch design loved by so many. The visible parts of the case are hand-polished to a mirror finish, complemented by a premium brushed surface along the sides.

The model takes its name from the skilled goldsmith, Oiva Perkko, who was one of the founders of Oy Perkko AB, a pioneering Finnish watchmaking company and the manufacturer of Leijona watches. Like Oiva Perkko, Oiva Classic has an understated but determined character.

The name of the model comes from Oiva Perkko, the oldest founding brother of Oy Perkko Ab. The exterior of the watch reflects the collected and balanced nature of this skilled goldsmith.

The name of the model is inherited from a skilled goldsmith Oiva Perkko. Oiva was one of the founders of Oy Perkko Ab, the Finnish watch trade pioneer company manufacturing the Leijona watches.

Sellita SW200

Automatic movement

The automatic movement is a Swiss Sellita SW200, known as a faithful "work horse". When fully charged, the movement has a power reserve of about 38 hours. The time can be adjusted to the nearest second, as the second hand also stops when the crown is pulled out.

For the ones, who value time.

Voutilainen x Leijona

"When I do things that are important to me, time becomes meaningless. I don't count the hours. The value of time is the moment it stands in, and for me, that value is immeasurable. At that moment, time is completely in my own hands and I use it exactly as I see fit.

Using a watch only to measure the hours is a very linear way of thinking about time. Personally, I see the watch as a reminder that time is limited and that I should spend it on things that are important to me. Time is my personal property and I invest it exactly as I feel right."

The Voutilainen x Leijona partnership encourages you to seize the moment, be present in the moment and enjoy life's small pleasures and achievements.

- Kari Voutilainen

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