The Seeds of the Collaboration

About a century since the beginning of Leijona watches, Oy Perkko Ab started working with a Swiss watchmaker Kari Voutilainen. This brought a new series of wristwatches for the high-quality watch market: Leijona Heritage 190.

The seeds of cooperation were sown in 2017, as the 100th anniversary of the ownership of the Leijona brand was approaching. Perkko came up with ideas of updated versions of Leijona's most compelling vintage watches, with added contemporary style and a modern level of quality. The re-release of older models had been a
successful trend in the watch market for some time.

Landing a Top Manufacturer

When the first sketches of the collection were finalised in Finland, we started looking for a partner in Switzerland. One of the key aesthetic components of the collection is the watch dial, so we contacted Grandmaster Kari Voutilainen. As the negotiations were coming to an end, Voutilainen agreed to take on the entire production process and assembly of the new collection in Switzerland. This successful and long-lasting partnership is called Voutilainen X Leijona, and the result of this cooperation is the Leijona Heritage 1907 collection. We can safely say that all the parties involved in the Heritage collection are extremely proud of this achievement.

The Core of the Collection

The Heritage 1907 watch collection was conceptually designed in Finland by Oy Perkko Ab and inspired by previous Leijona watch models. The three models in the current heritage collection - Jalo, Urho and Oiva - were named after Perkko's founding brothers.

Voutilainen finalised the production drawings, tools and models in Switzerland, where he also managed and supervised the production process from start to finish. The manufacture of the watch cases and the assembly of the watches is the work of Voutilainen & Cattin SA. Comblémine SA produces the watch dials and Rhein Fils (Braloba AG) makes the straps.

Currently, the Leijona Heritage 1907 collection is divided intofour categories: Classic (Oiva 300.10 + Limited Edition Môtiers 300.02), Sport (Jalo 200.01), Chronograph (Urho 100.01), Diver (Försti 400.01)

Identifying the Models

The reference number of each watch has a two-digit prefix – 19,20 or 21 – which refers to the decade in which the model was released. Over the next few decades, we hope to be able to enjoy watches starting with 22-99.

The two digits following the three-digit model number (100, 200, 300, 400) indicate the watch case, which is either stainless steel (.01); rose gold plated stainless steel (.02); yellow gold-plated stainless steel (.03); gold (.04); or titanium (.05). The next number describes the dial: white (.1); black (.2); blue (.3); grey (.4); or silver (.5). The penultimate number refers to the material of the
strap: leather (.1), steel (.2) or rubber (.3). The last digit of the model identifier indicates whether the model is an unlimited edition (.01) or a limited edition (.02).

Additionally, from the year 2020, each Urho chronograph will be assigned a random four-digit serial number. This serial number is randomly selected between 0001 and 9999 and engraved at the end of the model number (e.g. 100.01.1180), on the caseback. This gives the watch a unique serial number but doesn't reveal the exact production volume. Models manufactured before 1.1.2020 lack this unique serial number.

The Current Models

The serial number .100 is the most expensive of the models and called the Leijona Urho Chrono. It is a 42 mm bicompax chronograph with a date at 6 o'clock and a dial available in black, blue or white-black. The stainless steel casing is waterproof up to 100 m (10 ATM). The case of the watch has a sapphire glass, through where you can see the Sellita SW510 BHa mechanism at work. All models are available with a brown, black or blue, highly breathable leather strap.

The .200 serial number marks the rather large 45 mm Leijona Jalo Sport watches with a sunburst-blue or grey dial and a screw-back case. Jalo Sport is waterproof to 100 m (10ATM) and powered by the Sellita SW200-1 movement. Rhein Fils' 22 mm wide strap is made of a leather-rubber hybrid especially suited for sports watches and is available in golden brown or dark green.

The Leijona Oiva Classic watches, manufactured in unlimited batches marked with .300, have a 39 mm stainless steel case, 20 mm wide strap, either a white, black or blue dial and a screw fastening on the back of the case. The watches are available with a black, light brown or dark brown alligator leather strap.

We can assure you that Perkko will continue the Leijona tradition into the new century with quality, care and consideration.